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COVID Statement

The recent onset of COVID-19 has advanced the demand for innovation as the pandemic illuminates the fractured and segmented nature of the healthcare system. Due to current social and health restrictions, the crisis hinders traditional clinical trials and drug development. 

At Precision Digital Health (PDH), we are expanding our capabilities to a more patient-centric approach as COVID-19 is impacting high risk populations’ ability to access clinical trial sites.  Accordingly, PDH is expanding its focus on decentralized trials.  This method mitigates the associated health risk exposure and cost burden of travel to the site, while continuing to advance clinical research.  In addition, PDH continues to introduce new devices and mobile features for client use in support of COVID-19 research. 

Precision Digital Health has executed their robust business continuity plan to ensure there are no interruptions for our client services at the same time ensuring data integrity.  We remain committed to ensuring our clients receive the same high level of service.  PDH is continually monitoring the situation to guide us through a strategic plan to adjust to these unprecedented times. We are committed to do our part to protect our families, our employees, our clients and our communities. We are in this together.