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Convergence of Automation, Technology and Clinical Research

Turning Real-World Data into Real-World Evidence

More than ever there is a need to understand the holistic longitudinal patient journey. At the same time, we are seeing an increase in the volume and complexity of available Real-World Data (RWD) sources.

Limitations of the current systems and the lack of interoperability across the industry impedes the progress of research and drug development.

What We Do

Precision Digital Health accelerates the adoption of RWD for researchers by providing a real-world evidence solution.

SUMMA™, our “next generation” clinical research platform, provides a highly configurable end-to-end solution with the interoperability to integrate and link patient, device and clinical data for advanced analytics and clinical trials.

How We Do It

SUMMA™ was purpose-built to be an automated self-service platform that puts the power in the user’s hands.

It provides organizations with an open architecture using the most advanced cloud-based technology and distributed in-memory computing. SUMMA™ implements “Just in Time” processing to ingest various types of RWD, characterizing and harmonizing the data sources into a common data model.

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